Frequently Asked Questions

Q;  Does my Extended Healthcare Insurance cover Massage Therapy?

A:  The majority of Extended Health Care plans cover Massage Therapy however the terms vary.  Your Insurance Policy will explain how much coverage you have (or check with your Insurance provider).  The amounts are usually located under the healdings "Paramedical" or "Supplementary Benefits".  Policies usually cover a percentage of the fee, up to an annual maxium (usually this is 80%-100% of the fee to a maxium of $500). If uncertain of your coverage please be sure to call your Insurance provider. 


Q:  What is the difference between a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and other types of massage practictioners?

A:  1)  The education of an RMT is a rigorous full time 3 year training program that is the              higest standard in North America.   

      2)  RMT's are required to keep their skills current through a structured Professional                Development Program. 

      3)  RMT's are governed by the College of Massage Therapists which regulates and                administers a set of bylaws and a code of ethics that is formulated to protect the                public.  As licensed Health Care Professionals RMT's must carry Malpractice                    Insurance. 


                     Q:  Do I need to undress to have a massage?

                     A:  Gemerally yes.  However you can leave your underwear on and/or                                undress to the degree that you are comfortable with.