Amethyst Biomat - Rejuvenation Therapy

This Service has been temporarily DISCONTINUED.

The Amethyst Biomat is a 17 layer therapeutic mattress system that produces several valuable health benefits.  


As a Rejuvenation Therapy it is best known for it's ability to generate Far Infrared waves that deeply penetrate into the body, increasing circulation and cellular metabolism while reducing pain.  Cells are enabled to absorb more oxygen and nutrients discharge more waste products and repair themselves more quickly when their metabolism and blood supply is elevated.  Far Infrared waves are natural and completely safe for the human body.  


In addition to the Far Infrared waves the Biomat also generates Negative Ions that supports a move alkaline state in the body the more alkaline state is considered to help protect against disease states and cancer. 


                The Biomat induces Delta Brain Wave states facilitating deeprelaxation reduction of stress and improved sleep patterns,   increases the production of seretonin and endorphines.  The         Biomat helps to ground and neutralize exposure to                       electromagnetic fields that are associated with using computers and other electronic devices.  


    For more information on the Amethyst Biomat please visit Biomat Source.


        Biomat Rejuvination Therapy can be added to your                massage for an additional $15.00.